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We have over 75 years of combined experience in the industry

We cover a wide and diverse range of services. All repairs are carried out to a high standard with only top grade insulations and materials used throughout. Comprehensively tested before despatch, test certificates are issued for customer records and every repair carries a full 12 month guarantee.

We specialise in repair technologies

We specialise in repair technologies and processes to maximise plant life as much as possible. The running costs of a motor can be as much as ten times the purchase cost. Poorly maintained motors break down more often than well-maintained ones, and cost more to run. Therefore being cost conscious on maintenance is a false economy. For example, a 10kW motor operating at 87% efficiency could cost $120 a year or more to run than one that is just 5% more efficient thanks to maintenance. Over the motor’s lifetime, the difference in running costs could be as much as $2400*. Electric Motor Maintenance *Carbon Trust UK

Rewinding, Refurbishment & Motor Modifications

Operating from a fully equipped workshop, Core Electric Motor Services specialises in the rewind, repair and refurbishment of all types of electric motors, AC and DC, from the smallest fractional horse power motor to generators and motors up to and exceeding 500kW.

Our range of electric motor services include:

  • Rewinding of all types of AC/DC motors and Generators/Alternators
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Vacuum pump repairs
  • Liquid pump repairs
  • Drive repairs
  • Servo motor repairs and testing
  • Machining
  • Bearing replacement
  • Balancing
  • Surge testing
  • Re-varnishing of windings
  • Dynamic load testing


If your Gearbox requires servicing or rebuilding we can help with an experience network of gear cutters, hard chromers and mechanical engineers.

If the repair is deemed uneconomical we can offer a replacement as we have established strong relationships with most major gearbox distributors.

Pumps Air Movement

Core Electric Motor Services maintains part inventory & repair equipment to efficiently diagnose, test and repair most pumps in use today.

Our rebuild services span from basic preventive maintenance to complete rebuild & redesign of pump systems. We have a network of skilled toolmakers on hand if any specialist help is required.

Mechanical Electrical Engineering

As well as having a fully equipped workshop complete with 8T overhead crane, 100T electric hydraulic rolling bed press , lath, drill press, guillotine, and welders, we have a committed community of highly skilled engineers and tool makers whom have all the machines and knowledge to turn around most engineering jobs quickly and efficiently.

In conjunction with keeping the local manufacturing industry and utility providers up and running we also provide engineering services to some of the world’s leading motor manufacturers through brake fitments, motor rewinding for special voltages or speeds and shaft modifications and replacement.

On Site Services

Early recognition and diagnosis of pending faults in machinery is cost effective. Failure to identify a small fault can lead to major equipment breakdown. Core Electric Motor Services provides measuring instruments for the key areas of machine diagnosis, balancing and alignment.

Our qualified and fully insured riggers and electricians are experienced with intricate removals, can conduct any disconnect, reconnect, removal and installation.

  • Electrical Services
  • Fault Detection
  • Removal and Install
  • Laser Alignment
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Brush Maintenance

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