ServoDynamics provides prompt and professional services

Most AC and DC servo motors and analogue and digital tachometers can be overhauled and/or repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement unit.

ServoDynamics specializes in this field, we aim to provide prompt and professional services to ensure your needs are met. All our workmanship is guaranteed for a full 12 months, all supplied parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you feel our services may be useful in your industry, we would be pleased to visit you and discuss any aspect of our repair process as well as demonstrate our test and operating equipment.

Our scope of works is as follows

  • If possible motor is test run on our servo amp utilizing full feedback to establish condition of motor and feedback device prior to dismantling. Tachometers are reverse driven to test DC output levels and AC noise.
  • Dismantle motor and check mechanical tolerances – housings, bearing journals, mounting points, surface mount, cooling fins.
  • Electrical check – coil windings (surge test, induction check, resistance check, winding connections and leads).
  • Electrical feedback – encoder or resolver tested using the latest electronic test equipment. Complete test of all encoder/resolver functions – count, line levels, phase test, data test.
  • Magnet frame or rotor strength tested– if required remagnetise.
  • At this point, if required a full report can be provided for a nominal fee.
  • Quotation for repair provided.
  • Bearings replaced with either manufacturer original or identical specification replacement part.
  • Seals replaced – includes shaft seals, motor housing “O” ring seals and use of aero grade body sealing compounds to help prevent any fluid ingress into motor body.
  • Motor is assembled, feedback correctly aligned.
  • Motor is test run using servo amplifier with correct feedback active. This ensures motor performs to the same specifications as the original.
  • Motor is painted and packed for delivery.

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