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Whatever the scale or scope of your project, we have the determination and the right team to deliver the right solution.

 “April 2011…Our Easter hot cross bun line came to a grinding halt at 4pm on a Friday night. It was the night of the flash flooding in and around Melbourne. The call went out to Core Electric and within half n hour we had one of their tradesmen on-site. It was quickly established that a geared motor was in a critical condition and a repair was not an option as this would have taken a day or two. Core Electric were able to source a brand new replacement geared motor that evening and despite the weather conditions it was delivered to us before midnight. Thanks guys…”.

               Michael van Eijk,
               Tip Top Bakeries

 “When our 500kw compressor motor failed the call went out to Core Electric. They arranged the disconnection and a truck arrived with a crane to take it away and deliver to their workshop for repair. Within a short period of time it was returned and again the guys at Core Electric arranged everything. It was craned back into position, reconnected, laser aligned and tested. This is just one example of the great all in one service we enjoy, keep up the good work boys!”

               Damian Vertigan,
               VISY PET

 “Core Electric Motor Services are a prime example of fantastic customer service”.

               Mick Meeks,